A Guide to Soy Protein

Soy protein powder is a nationwide, supplement protein used since year 1999. This nutritional substitute, first introduced in the year 1909, caused severe gastrointestinal problem to the people of U.S. Later with little alteration in the protein substitute, soy protein isolate was introduced, which gradually reduced the side effects that were caused, and benefited in reducing several diseases specially the risk of heart disease.

Soy protein powder is mainly derived from the soybean, and had been a useful protein packed food for years especially among vegetarians. The cultivation of soybean has a very long history, In the ancient days they were cultivated all around the world and was consumed by a large number of people in its raw state, cooked, or were also fermented into tofu and other products. The isolates of soybean was used during the printing process, to bind ink, this made the color fast. This optimum nutrition product was also used by people in World War II for putting out gasoline and oil fires. Being a, dense plant based protein source, it is also considered as the most allergic substance in human being. Prolonged and deep study about soybean has proved that, the unique plant has much medicinal value, causing many positive health effects in human.

Soy as a nutritional supplement helps in decreasing serum cholesterol; it also reduces the testosterone in young men. The researchers are still hopeful and making are on the process of deep study, to find the effect of soy, for cancer prevention. Protein is a very important part of nutrients present in your body and amino acid present in the protein acts as a building block. The people who eat meat and other poultry product get sufficient amount of protein, whereas in case of, vegetarians and vegans, it becomes difficult. The soy based protein powder is considered to be the best alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Soy protein powder, rich in arginine and glutamine, the two important branch of amino acid, improves the immune system and repairs the tissues.

This optimum nutrition can be an effective meal replacement and, can be consumed in different ways, to make it tastier and healthier. You can add fruits, water, milk etc to make your shake made of soy filling and nutritious. To make your food tastier you can make a batter by mixing egg, a little cream, water and protein powder and then dip poultry or fish in it before you fry. You can make a variety of recipe for school or for work using the food supplement starting from muffins to pancake. Waffles can also be made, by adding the soy powder; it provides you the same crispiness that the traditional ones have. Along with sweet, delicate flavored shakes, you can mix soy powder to gluten flour and oat flour dough. This combination gives your baked food a, finer structure and, it also tastes better. Some cookies like peanut butter cookies have a very high fat content and low protein powder even then the whey protein in it makes it very healthy.

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