Beat The Short Height With Meditation Techniques

Many short persons suffer from inferiority complex due to their height. As a result, they can not socialize at the social gatherings and fare poorly at the interview boards. The relationship between success and height is not very intimate; still they tend to blame their short height for failure. Such an attitude is worth condemning but their concern must also be taken into consideration. A very natural yet effective way to add to inches is to practice meditation techniques sincerely and regularly.

Meditation is best known as the healer of mental wounds and troubles. Mental trauma and tension are the frequent visitors due to the rising workloads we are sagging under. Each of us has an innate level of patience and tolerance. As long as tension remains within that level, we can successfully cope with the stress. But as soon as the problem crosses the threshold, stress-induced disorders destabilize our mental balance. Invading troubles destroy the mental peace and mental disturbance hampers the physical growth. This affects the natural flow of growth hormone, thereby impeding the growth process. Meditation techniques turn out to be the great medications to clear the mental woes and stimulate the activities of growth hormone.

Height of an individual is greatly influenced by his genetic make-up. Apart from heredity, intake of vitamins and other nutrients also contributes to one’s healthy growth. But nowadays, the teenagers and even the children are getting addicted to unhealthy life style. They gorge on the fried and spicy foods. Their regular diet is tasty for the palate but not healthy for the physical frame. Wrong food habit is also a factor to obstruct the natural growth of children and teens. So, practicing meditation techniques is not enough as one has to take the proper diet and also do some stretching exercises in order to get a taller physique.

Our mind is a canvas on which every fleeting moment registers its signature. But it is always the unforgettable events that imprint an indelible mark on our mind. The problems at present and troubles of past haunt us more than often. So, the growth process can be hampered due to several factors. However, meditation techniques try to tame the infesting problems and ensure the proper functioning of all the body parts. Many beginners join a gym or appoint a personal trainer to learn the art of meditation. But those who have scanty time to attend a gym class may buy the meditation CDs . These CDs use the audio-visual mode to instruct the beginners in simple language and with proper image.

It is not easy for the beginners to filter out the negative thoughts and focus their mind. It requires time and the right combination of practice, diligence and perseverance is the password to earn an amazing result. Meditation techniques accelerate the functions of the growth hormone. The beginners are suggested to take the meditation CDs in a serene place and then stat meditating. A calm environment is imperative to concentrate one’s mind. Once the thoughts are restrained, it will be easy to stay fit and beat the short height.

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