Carpet Cleaning-Carpet Health Hazards

Homes are being furbished with carpeting to add comfort and a luxurious atmosphere. It adds to the completeness of a house with cozy textures and warm feelings. The variations in carpets available will astound any man. But that is not the issue at hand. Once installed, a carpet is a constantly lurking health hazard. Carpets have the quality of absorbing a number of elements from the air around. The air attracts particles from the outer environment from the home. This provides the carpet to grab some of the unwanted elements from the air.

Amazingly, a carpet is a sort of a filter that can easily absorb dust and minute harmful creatures from the atmosphere. Once these external hazardous elements take home in the carpet, they can cause a number of disarming health issues. There is a limit up to which a carpet can accumulate in it. After which the carpet is full to an extent that by walking over it the filter is pushed and the dust flows out of it and contaminate the air. The contamination can further up the dangers for the inhabitants. Ailment such as asthma and other respiratory issues can be triggered by a dust ridden carpet. There was a report broadcasted on CNN in late 1996 that were carried out by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency related to the carpet hazards and about what kinds of dangers species might inhabit a carpet. According to this report “…the level of lawn and garden herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in indoor carpets are from 10 to 100 times higher than they are outdoors.” (Peter H. Weis, 1998 – 2005). This brings out the harm that can be caused by an inefficient maintenance and care of the indoor fabrication.

These insecticides and herbicides are carried indoors by shoes that had been worn into the garden and also by the pets that roam around in and out of the house. Another dangerous aspect about these minute insects is that they can survive without sunlight and remain alive indoors creating health issues. The report featured on CNN did show a video of children playing on these infected carpets and putting the toys in their mouth. These toys had been on the carpet for more time than the insecticides need to contaminate them.

This raised the danger for children to acquire certain ailments like hyperactivity and damage to the brain/blood barrier in them. Considering the body mass of a toddler, it can be understood that they are more in the harm’s way than any other person. Moreover, theirs is a larger contact with the carpet. Expectant mothers are also to be warned about the damaging effects on their health and the baby. The effects and harms do shocks one but the best way to avoid all these hazards is to maintain and carry out regular cleaning. The vacuum cleaning is a necessary step. In addition to that, a regular washing should be taken care of and it is also important that a carpet’s stay should not exceed its life.

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