Give Yourself The Gift of Goji

Certified organic Goji juice is the most effective because Goji is absorbed better by your body when taken in liquid form. It is free of chemicals, preservatives and is not mixed with another juice for enhanced flavor. I first learned of this little miracle juice when I took home a CD from the local health food store that explained its benefits and history. Fun ways to stay updated on health topics and learn about hidden gems like Goji are by gathering information online from reliable sources, watching interesting and informative shows on TV networks like Discovery Health and taking advantage of free reading materials and CD’s from your local health food store.
Goji grows in South Eastern Europe and in Asia and wasn’t shipped to the U.S. until recently, even though its history dates back to ancient times. Ningxia Goji is the most pure and potent type of Goji juice. The first person to ship it here to the U.S. was Doctor Gary Young when he learned of its benefits. An Olympic swimmer from China came along next and admitted her secret to outperforming all of her competitors was drinking Goji juice.

She had to let the cat out of the bag in order to protect herself from being accused of taking drugs! The word was out, and companies in the United States wanted in. Goji eventually graced the shelves of health food stores across America and in a few select grocery stores. It is easier to buy it today as it is more abundant, but you must understand that Goji juice is expensive to distribute and to buy. Some companies find that it is a greater benefit to sell less expensive, diluted versions of this juice, as it is more affordable and more likely to sell. Uninformed consumers can assume that these versions of Goji juice are just as beneficial as the real thing when in fact they’re not. You can find the closest form of Goji to the real thing at various health food stores if you know what you’re doing. The “good stuff” is only found in China.

There are numerous reasons why you should at least consume one ounce of Goji juice every day (more if you’re feeling under the weather). I have gained many benefits from doing just that. As soon as I drank my first drop of this amazing super juice, the first thing I noticed is that my eyes became clearer. I was amazed at the clarity because I didn’t even notice that my eyes were cloudy until everything became bright and clear. The next thing that I observed is a general sense of contentment. I was relaxed, de-stressed and in a great mood. Goji improved my sleep-wake cycle. I sleep deeper and wake up more rested than ever before. I can also recall the dreams I had when I was sleeping which rarely happens. Blemishes on my skin disappeared one week after religiously taking my morning Goji shot. My skin started to glow and my fingernails were so shiny that it looked like I was wearing clear nail polish. Ladies, if you want to look beautiful, eat organic and take your daily dose of Goji!
Goji helps your body rid of waste naturally and if taken along with eating organic (and perhaps a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with mother) it will help you shed some extra pounds. I didn’t need to lose weight when I started drinking Goji, but I did have some unnecessary, unwanted meat on my hips that slowly began to disappear. Goji gets rid of that pocket fat that collects in certain areas of your body. My hips became narrower and if I gain weight, it will now be evenly dispersed rather than clumping into those trouble areas! These are just a few of the ways Goji has helped me. This juice works inside and out, optimizing the functions of your mind and body. Here is a partial list of the many amazing benefits of Organic Goji juice:
* Balances skin tone and helps to reduce dry skin * Antioxidants help prevent aging * Reduces risk of cancer * Increases energy * Helps to maintain a stable mood * Improves metabolism * Regulates blood pressure * Cleanses your blood * Improves memory * Improves heart function * Fights Hepatitis B * Boosts your immune system * Lowers cholesterol * Helps regulate blood sugar level I’m assuming you’re ready to buy it, so your probably questioning what you should be looking for in an effective Goji juice. Here are some pointers of what to look for before you buy your “happy berry” juice:
* #1 100% Certified Organic Goji berry juice
* Get pure concentrated Goji juice that is not mixed with another juice so you’ll get the full effect. If you’re spending good money on your Goji, you don’t want it diluted with other juices you can buy for just a few dollars at the grocery store.
* Do not fall for cheaper “natural” versions of Goji juice, as it will at the very least contain a preservative like Sodium Benzoate. This preservative is a carcinogen so it defeats the purpose of taking Goji in the first place.
* You may choose Goji that is sold in a glass container vs. plastic because it stays fresher longer.
Celebrities that swear by Goji juice:
* Mischa Barton * Madonna * Liz Hurley * Mario Lopez * Paula Abdul * Lisa Edelstein

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