Cord Blood Cells Warn Pregnant Ladies to Beware of High Exposure Against Traffic Pollutants

According to a very recent study done in New York a very strange fact came into light. Researchers found that pregnant mothers if get high exposure to pollutants; it might create some severe behavior problems for their babies who are soon going to enter the world. The study was done on about 215 children who were under monitoring since their birth. It was discovered that those with more level of exposure to pollution in the blood samples from their umbilical cord blood collection were found to have high problems. These were like depression and anxiety at the mere age of five or seven years as compared to those with less exposure to traffic pollutants.

Federica Perera, a scientist, works in the Columbia center of children environment health, is currently working to determine how chemicals in cord affect the whole life of growing womb. Perera and the team measured the pollutant traces of mainly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and various other combustion chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of new born. During inhalation by the mother these pollutants travel through placenta and then link to the DNA of the womb. It then forms blood adducts and other tissues that are useful to determine a biological measure of the chemicals made as a result of incomplete fossil fuel combustion . The babies found to have more chemicals in the cord blood encounter more problems in behavior.

It is the main reason why scientists ask parents to donate cord blood at the time of the birth of baby. They have found hundred of elements there that have aided themselves to discover several treatments against some several diseases till now. In the urban cities, traffic pollution is one of the major problems. The research showed that the urban air contains millions of pollutants. In addition to this the scientists have also discovered several other sources like harmful pollutants in the environment through tobacco smoke and unhealthy diet. It is also a noteworthy point that all the mothers included in the study were non-smokers. This study was done at the center of Columbia for the environmental health of children (CCCEH) and Cancer research institute in England.

The study is the first step for examination of behavioral effects due to pollutant exposure before birth by use of biological marker. The research on cord blood cells is further getting more concern because of the increasing problems of depression and anxiety. It affects the academic performance and also the relationship with peer groups later on. According to Dr. Perera a major solution to reduce the air pollutants is through use of energy efficiency, pollution control methods and other optional energy sources. Public health Mailman school was founded in the year of 1922. It is among the first three health academies of public in the country. The faculty working here is to address several issues such as heart diseases, child health, maternal health, climate change and health policy. It is regarded as the top leader among several education centers of public health with three hundred faculty members of different disciplines and one-thousand graduates. It is actually a home for many world famous researchers.

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