Confusing Mental Health Case Involving CHILD CUSTEDY I’M the 16 Year old child PLEASE HELP I’M DESPERATE!

Ok my mom is a paranoid schizophrenic and had a relapse a few months ago and my parents are divorced with joint custedy and so my dad got really paranoid thinking my mom would kill me or something so he went and got TEMPORARY sole custedy and so my mom is better now and is on her meds and has a probation thing with the mental health place she’s going to which means she has to go there for a year and when my mom went down to try to make a new hearing with my dad so she can see me again they said she couldn’t and that the judge wouldn’t change the custedy thing for a year and i found out that my mom has another case with a different court for her probation thing so my question is: IS THE REASON WHY MY MOM CAN’T MAKE A NEW HEARING BECAUSE SHE HAS TO GET THE PROBATION CASE OUT OF THE WAY FIRST EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CASES?? PLEASE I’M A DESPERATE 16 YEAR OLD GIRL AND MY MOM IS MY BEST FRIEND AND I HAVEN’T SEEN HER IN 5 MONTHS AND I DON’T WANNA WAIT A WHOLE YEAR 🙁
I’m not exactly sure why my mom was put on probation. She was really out of it at the time and I am allowed to talk to her on the phone and i asked her about it and she didn’t really say anything. My 16th b-day was a few days ago and i asked my dad if i could see her just for a little bit and if he supervised and he said no and i really don’t think my dad wants me to have supervised visitation even if the judge said it would be ok. It just really frusterates me that she’s on her meds now and stable and i can’t even see her because of all this stupid court crap

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