3 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Hay Fever – 1967

Hay fever also known as allergic rhinitis is an allergic disorder that occurs inside the nasal passage. Only people with sensitive immune system become victim to allergic rhinitis. When such people breathe in allergen like pollen, animal fur and dust, they start sneezing constantly. A person with hay fever suffers from problems like itching, swelling, and consistent formation of mucus in the nasal passage. They also from other problems like sore throat, wheezing, itchy eyes, etc. The reason why it is called hay fever is that it is usually common during the haying season. However, the disorder can happen throughout the year once a person inhales the allergens.
Antihistamines, steroids and decongestants are the usual things that are provided by the physicians. Such drugs help in suppressing the symptoms of Hay Fever. When a person is very ill because of hay fever, he may use the above mentioned suppressants more the usual dosage prescribed by the doctor. These drugs have side-effects and can cause further problem to your health. That is the reason many people who suffer from allergic rhinitis go for naturally made medicines. Since they do not have side-effects, they are perfectly safe and are very effective in getting rid of Hay fever.
Here are effective ways to get rid of allergic rhinitis:
1. The first and the foremost thing you need to do is take a break from your routine and give ret to your body. If your body is consistently exposed to the allergens, you may not be able to overcome the disorder even though you are taking the right medicines. You need to undergo detoxification to get rid of those triggering chemicals off your body. Detoxification procedures like liver detox and colon cleansing are effective in detoxifying your body. A person who undergoes detoxification for at least two or three times often feels relief and his condition starts improving quickly. You need to make sure that you are no way near triggering chemicals like paints, cigarette smokes, etc. If you have got flower pots at your home, you should keep them outside and make sure you do not come close to them. Do not let the pets to enter inside your bedroom. Make sure your house is filled with fresh air. This can be ensured by using air freshener.
2. The next thing you need to do is to take intake anti-allergy diet. Grains like wheat, oats and barley can worsen your condition, hence you should avoid them. Even dairy products can aggravate allergic rhinitis. You can fight hay fever by including Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet which can be done by consuming oily fish, beans, vegetable oil, walnuts, etc. Stop consuming foods that are sensitive to you. You can naturally remove toxins by consuming lots of water. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
3. You can additionally by dietary supplement that contains anti-allergy items like Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Quercetin, Q10, Glutamine, Bromelain and MSM in right proportion. You should consult your local physician before consuming any health supplements.

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